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If you’ve been wondering how the Sentricon Termite Bait System work, we’ll explain it in detail here.

The Sentricon termite control system is a bait-and-kill system that has been used to eradicate termite colonies since 1993. The bait, which is made of a non-toxic, slow-acting poison, is injected into the ground near the colony. This bait inhibits growth of the colony by interfering with its ability to produce protein.

Termite work is done by the workers, which are sterile female termites who do not produce eggs. They are fed with toxic bait to make them sick and eventually die off.

How is Sentricon Applied?

When we arrive to install your Sentricon system, we establish a perimeter, placing bait stations around the structure 10 to 20 feet apart. The bait stations are extremely durable and can last up to 7 years.

The system works quickly once it’s discovered by the colony. Although the bait stations do not contain an attractant, termites will typically choose the Sentricon device over wood. Termites must naturally discover the bait stations containing the bait, which contain noviflumuron. This is the active ingredient that prevents termites from maturing.

After installation, the Sentricon system can be effective for up to 12 months. We recommend having us come out at least once every 6 months to check bait stations.

How Safe is Sentricon?

The Sentricon Termite Elimination System is one of the most heavily tested termite control systems on the market. It has earned the EPA’s Green Chemistry Award and has been proven to be safe for pets and wildlife and has no negative impact on groundwater.

Killum has been installing Sentricon for over 20 years. We’ve performed over 3,500 installations in residential and commercial sites in that time frame. The system is even used at national structures such as The White House and Independence Hall. Sentricon is the most trusted termite solution among pest professionals across the US. It’s estimated that there are over 3 million Sentricon systems installed worldwide!

If you’re interested in having the Sentricon system installed at your home or business, get in touch with Killum Pest Control for a free consultation.