My name is Jessica MacDonald, My husband and I have been customers since we bought our home in Lake Jackson three years ago. Although our home is in a nice established neighborhood, we have had a few extra visitors along the way. Needless to say, when we bought it, someone forgot to tell us about the racoons and bats living in the attic or the roach/carpenter ant/mouse/flea problem associated with living near a wooded area. We have called Killum for all of the above and probably a few pests I’m forgetting. On every occasion, we have had an appointment within a week of calling, if not sooner, which is a comfort when you’re dealing with unwanted visitors. In addition, your technicians are some of the friendliest I’ve ever met. They are extremely informative, knowledgeable and always have suggestions for prevention or “do it yourself” alternatives. I wish all businesses had this kind of customer service! I know that something like bat removal can’t be at the top of someone’s list as “something I’d love to do today,” but your technician arrived with a smile, made jokes to ease the creepiness of knowing that bats were living in our attic and completely took care of the problem. (Thank goodness!) I had the same experience with a technician that came out a few weeks ago to help us with a mouse problem. He was great and had a great sense of humor and since then, our rodents have not given us any more trouble.

I just want to say that your company has done a phenomenal job training your technicians and your customer service is top notch. We will continue to use Killum and recommend your company to others.Thank you, thank you, thank you!